The Factory

Building information.

Status: Available
  • Number of floors: 1
  • Complete surface: 1060m²
  • Fully equipped meeting rooms: 6 (from 4 to 26 persons)
  • Silent boxes and phone booths: 8
  • Private offices: 2 (from 6 to 8 members)
  • Workstation capacity: 55 members

All our meeting rooms are equipped with individually adjustable air condition systems and the latest ambilight flatscreens for presentations.

Our meeting rooms house anywhere from 4 to 26 members.


The Barn

Building information.

Status: Fully Leased

  • Number of floors: 2
  • Office surface: 136m²
  • Showroom surface: 380

All our furniture is carefully selected to bring you the optimal work-life balance


The Office

Building information.

Status: In development

  • Number of floors: 2
  • Complete surface: 880m²
  • Underground parking: 660
  • Fully equipped meeting rooms
  • Silent boxes and phone booths
  • Private offices
  • Workstation capacity: 75 members

All our Offices are located in a green environment in Hasselt
Discover our services.

Our Offices enjoy the same 5-star amenities. These include a welcoming reception, quality designed office furniture, high-end meeting rooms and much more. Find out our services and pricing below.  

You can contact us anytime.

Ben Goossens
+32 470 500 590

Lummense Kiezel 51,
3510 Hasselt België 

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